Title Collapse
Location Oxford; Falmouth
Publisher Urbanomic
Periodicity biannual
ISSN each volume has an individual isbn
Published Since 2006-
Indexed Holdings 2006-


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Periodical's Overview

"Collapse is an independent, non-affiliated journal of philosophical research and development, launched in 2006. The aim of the journal, which is printed twice yearly in a limited edition of 1000, is to bring together philosophers and theorists, artists and scientists to explore fundamental themes and ideas which academic philosophy, in its tendency towards specialisation and partisanship, increasingly fails to address. Each volume is carefully curated so that contributions from very different areas of research intersect in unexpected and productive ways, suggesting new lines of thought."

Selected Subject Headings

  • Central Nervous Systems Agents
  • Complexity (philosophy) in music
  • Computers and civilization
  • Double stars
  • Exobiology
  • Food - sensory evaluation
  • Human beings - forecasting
  • Mind and body - philosophy
  • Philosophy and science
  • Rapid dominance (military science)
  • Self-organizing systems - philosophy
  • September Institute (organization)
  • Speculative realism
  • Stoics - influence
  • Swine - feeding and feeds
  • Weird, The


Collapse enacts everything that is desired in current (2000s, 2010s) journal publishing: interdisciplinary, unconstrained thought precision, independence, and an awareness of the need to expand the weird, via the collapsing of philosophy, art and science. Philosophical research and development.

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