Title The Wire
Location London
Publisher The Wire Magazine Ltd.
Periodicity Monthly
ISSN 0952-0686
URL http://www.thewire.co.uk
Published Since 1982-
Indexed Holdings 2000-


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Periodical's Overview

"1. What is The Wire? The Wire is an independent, monthly music magazine covering a wide range of alternative, underground and non-mainstream musics. The Wire celebrates and interrogates the most visionary and inspiring, subversive and radical, marginalised and undervalued musicians on the planet, past and present, in the realms of avant rock, electronica, hiphop, new jazz, modern composition, traditional musics and beyond. Passionate, intelligent and provocative, The Wire wages war on the mundane and the mediocre. Its office is based in London, but it serves an international readership.


4. What's The Wire's agenda?
There's no written constitution and no hardened music policy for inclusion or exclusion. The Wire seeks out the best current musics in, and between, all genres; and is committed to investigating music's past as well as its present and future. We are a 100 per cent independent operation, owned outright by the staff. There is no pressure from a publishing house to compromise our content, and we are at liberty to decide everything that's printed in our magazine - we won't let advertisers, record companies or press agents set the agenda."

Selected Subject Headings

  • Aleatory music
  • Black Arts Movement
  • Computer music
  • Dub music - Germany
  • Free jazz - history
  • Folk-rock music - Great Britain
  • Gamelan music - Indonesia - Bali
  • Gamelan music - Indonesia - Java
  • Music - Algeria - Algiers
  • Noise music
  • Ragas
  • Shopping malls - California - San Francisco
  • Techno music - history
  • Voodoo music - Haiti


    Extremely popular and influential, this long running magazine is read or browsed by many musicians. And non musicians: curious minds, ears & eyes. With a very broad range of interests and tastes, a backward glance to its history can give a glimpse of how the popular, experimental and avant-garde music discourse is being shaped in popular media. The only survivor of a once healthy and thriving, but commercially driven British music press, to be featured in The Wire brings critical recognition and attention to the work of forgotten, obscure & once popular figures, while keeping the pulse of the specifically British music scene in all its diversity: from improvisation to folk music to club or unpopular computer music to modern composition, and all the mutations that can occur in the ten directions all around the world: east, southeast, south, southwest, west, northwest, north, northeast, the nadir and the zenith. From the music of Yogyakarta's Gamelan Kangjén Kyahi Sirat Madu[1] and the Gamelan Kangjéng Kyahi Guntur Sari,[2] to the darker recesses of the Japanese Noise dungeons, to give two immersive examples.

    An institution in itself, The Wire has shaped itself not only as a magazine, but also as a webspace, an event organizer, and a book publisher.

    Due to the density of its reviews section, The Wire is the only journal in ccindex not indexed cover to cover. The review section is therefore edited by cci. There's no written constitution and no hardened music policy for inclusion or exclusion.

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    [1]The Venerable Torrent of Honey.

    [2]The Venerable Thunder of Flowers.